Bamboo : A Gift of Nature

Bamboos is a large woody grass that belonging to the family Poaceae. It is a fast growing and a naturally renewable plant on earth. It requires only a little maintenance in farming as it is usually grown without pesticides and fertilizers and needs very little water to grow. Depending on the variety, it can sometimes grow at a rate of 3 feet (approximately 90 cm) per day. Its healthy and fibrous network roots help to hold the soil together and thus minimize landslides.

Maintenance cost of bamboo plants are very low while the plant has a very wide range of applications. Even though bamboo is thought to be a raw ingredient for clothing and home wares, it is also a common food source in some parts of the world. The leaves and other parts of the plant are used for medicinal purposes. Bamboo shoots often seen in Asian dishes are low in fat, calories and a good source of fiber and potassium.

One of the greatest environmental impacts of bamboo is that all the products made out of bamboo are biodegradable. Unlike any other products that causes pollution, bamboo decompose into soil effortlessly. Thus, we can easily say that bamboo is an amazing alternative to plastic.

Bamboo and its products are strong, durable, light weight and easy to carry around. And these products can last for a long time. Bamboo has high antibacterial characteristics. It can naturally resist bacteria and fungi.

Nowadays, bamboo is commonly used in building, roofing, flooring, interior decor, musical instruments, utensils, fences, toys, paper, crafts, clothes, foods etc. The strength and durability of bamboo makes it a perfect alternative for hardwood.

One of the surprising advantages of bamboo plants are that, they help in trapping greenhouse gases. It has a unique role in combating climate change due to its capacity to absorb carbon emission from the atmosphere. Generally, it can store up to 600 tons of carbon per hectare and produces oxygen.Thus, men consider it as a viable material to reduce global warming.

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