Nature and Human

When nature and humans come face to face, the question is what kind of relationship do they possess. Their relationship can be explained in different ways such as, it can be blissful, cruel, or sometimes feels like stuck in the middle of solving a puzzle. Humans response towards nature varies with situation. Based on their surroundings, humans simply accept, deal with the nature and even make efforts to change it. Human evolution has been necessitated by nature from the time human were homo sapiens to the modern form.

Humans constantly switched to alternatives in coping with nature. They are forced to adjust with the changing patterns of weather and other natural calamities. They eventually deal some of them with advance technologies available.

On the other hand, humans are responsible for making some of the sudden changes in nature. In short, we can say “Human activities destroy nature”. Destroying nature is not an individual initiative. People take advantage over nature to meet their basic requirements as population is increasing day by day, leading to the over use of our natural resources.

With advanced technology and modernization, the distance between nature and human is at the brim. Some of the challenges that mankind faces include sudden temperature change, ozone depletion, flood, other natural calamities etc. Man’s survival on earth is getting worse day by day.

Humans need to get deep relationship with nature to change the world for the better. They play a vital role in nature. To achieve a sustainable future, they need to revisit the relationship with nature. Humans need to become more aware of the situation. The most important strategy is to educate people about the conservation of nature and environment with proper real-time scenarios such as showing them the negative impact of the activities they have done so far. By this, they become more aware of the need to solve these resources by avoiding further destruction and thus promote a positive relationship between man and nature.

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